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Aloha! The name "Therohana" combines the words therapy and ohana (Hawaiian word for family) together. Therohana provides modern mental health services for young adults that want to be a better version of themselves. Let's work together to achieve your goals!



Therapy services are provided for clients who reside in the islands of Hawaii. All sessions are offered virtually via a secure HIPAA-complaint telehealth platform.

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Therohana specializes in stress management and works with a lot of clients who are trying out therapy for the first time. Starting therapy might be what you need to have a safe place to process and learn healthy skills on how to overcome these issues like work stress, anxiety, depression, life transitions, or other issues.


Image by Alec Bennett

Prior to licensing, all new MFT graduates are required to undergo weekly supervision. Therohana provides supervision, guidance, and assistance to help you get your career started! 

Supervision is a great way to gain experience and knowledge, and have a safe place to talk about your work experiences with your MFT supervisor. 

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